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What is Business Health Check and why it is important?

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What is Business Health Check and why it is important?

business health check

Small and Medium enterprise (SME) businesses are the lifeblood of any economy, however, most of the Small and Medium Enterprise business owners tend work In the business and they rarely work on the business, their day to day business operation mostly focused on customers, suppliers and staffs. This approach leads to minimal or no growth at all, working on your business often underrated and that’s where the importance of Business Health Check comes in to play.

business health check

What is Business Health Check?

Like our physical body, our businesses also full of life, its normal that we get sick and we take medication to heal our self, we workout to keep ourselves fit, we take medical checkup periodically to avoid or safeguard us from major illnesses, same applies to our businesses, business also needs periodic health check to identify what is good and what is bad, what are the strengths of the business and what are the weaknesses, where are we heading and what direction to take, to understand the financial position and prepare for the next level of growth etc. all these elements of business and some more important signals of external environment can be identified by a Business Health Check.

A healthy business is as important as a healthy body, it will bring growth and prosperity to all its stake holders.

Why business health check is important?

A business health check is important to all the businesses looking to grow, a professionally crafted business health check will reveal the current position of your business and what should be the priorities to take your business forward.

A business health check can identify your strengths and you will know how to work on sustaining your strengths

  • It will reveal your weaknesses and you can work on eliminating or controlling your weakness
  • It will show the opportunities
  • It will give a better understanding of external elements and how to prepare for future trends
  • It will reveal the potential risks faced by the industry
  • It will reveal the financial position of the business and cash flow issues
  • It will reveal your creditworthiness and access to credit
  • It will identify the factors affecting the profit margins
  • It will help you to sustain your customers and upgrade your sales and marketing plans
  • It will help you to manage people and culture within your organization

business health check

The importance and benefits of a business health check is not limited to the above points, it involves two parts, analysis and identification is the first part of business health check and diagnosis and solutions will be the second part of it, the review and implementation of the solution should be done by an independent business advisor or consultant where there is no influence involved environment. Finally, the business owner has the rights to accept it or modify it according to his style of execution, this created clarity and purpose in the business.

A healthy business is as important as a healthy body, it will bring growth and prosperity to all its stakeholders.


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